About Us

BenManage provides large business with manageable HR and benefit enrollment solutions. Our highly-skilled staff are experts in the field of insurance and employee benefits.

Executive Staff

Jonathan Spetner
President and CEO
Jonathan Spetner As the third-generation owner of Spetner Associates, Jonathan Spetner is a born and bred insurance guy. He uses his lifetime of experience to direct our product offerings and client relations. Jonathan specializes in international underwriting and hard-to-underwrite cases, helping clients minimize risk and protect their families, assets and wealth for generations to come.
Aaron J Spetner
Aaron J Spetner With more than 15 years experience in the IT sector with a strong financial background, Aaron J Spetner runs the technology that drives the BenManage platform. Aaron works closely with our clients to ensure that our managed solutions meet their requirements and is constantly adding additional features and value-added-services to our broad offering.